CI Games is a globally-renowned video games company, celebrated for its open ended, action-driven titles, such as Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2, and the fantasy RPG, Lords of the Fallen.

Founded in 2002 in Warsaw, Poland, the company operates at a truly global scale, employing over 140 industry professionals across studios in Poland, Spain, UK and Romania, with additional publishing and marketing offices in the UK, US and Poland. CI Games is listed on the main stock market on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

A fast-developing, profitable brand

Thanks to a unique and high-quality catalogue of titles, CI Games has become increasingly successful within the console and PC gaming markets. The company prides itself on producing standout gaming experiences enjoyed at a global scale, across a wide array of popular genres, and operates as a licensed global publisher with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

A framework of industry professionals

CI Games is a globally-celebrated company that self-publishes games, developed by internal studios, at a worldwide scale. Founded almost 20 years ago, CI Games has continually strengthened its internal resources over that time. It now comprises a truly talented and highly-experienced team of industry professionals, adept at developing titles that achieve both commercial and critical success. This is further bolstered by the CI Games publishing arm; an accomplished team, with demonstrable success in all areas of distribution and communications.

Dynamic production

With the openings of the Hexworks studio and United Label publishing house, we have built on our already stable and highly-successful financial model, to allow for the simultaneous production of multiple high-quality games spanning a variety of genres. Having multiple titles in development at one time, has facilitated a more dynamic business model, with increased opportunity for growth. By leveraging outsourcing partners, CI Games is able to produce games at an efficient rate, while controlling all key creative and production processes. 

Ever-growing brands

CI Games will continue to develop within genres where we have enjoyed the most success, in order to build a solid infrastructure of intellectual property that can transcend a multitude of media, from narrative to cinematic entertainment. Our primary focus is creating, developing and publishing our own game brands across all major platforms.