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Welcome to the Creator Initiative

A new Creator Program designed to specifically support creators of all levels, from all platforms, who would like to play and interact with our games.

Why join the Creator Initiative?

We understand the impact influencers can have on our games, and so, want to show our appreciation via a dedicated program that directly supports content creators, helping them to maximise growth and revenue potential whilst playing our games.

News when it matters most

We’ll supply you with the latest news and updates around our upcoming games before anyone else, allowing you to create your content ahead of time and coordinate it with our marketing strategy in order to maximise reach and awareness.

Come one, come all!

We are looking for creators of all sizes and across all platforms, so sign up today and start receiving exclusive opportunities. If you create regular content, have a growing community, and love our games, the Creator Initiative is the program for you!

Perks of the CI Games

Creator Initiative