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Unsolicited content policy


CI Games SE (“CIG”) nor its employees, co-workers or other representatives of CIG shall consider unsolicited content/materials, i.e. including but not exclusively:

ideas presented to CIG for the game, product, technology, process, production plans, marketing plans, new product or service names, new use of products or services already in circulation (“Submissions”). Therefore, CIG recommends refraining from sending/transmitting to CIG in any way, any unsolicited ideas, creative works, conceptual work, graphics or any other type of work in any form or format. If, despite the aforementioned CIG recommendations, anyone decides to transfer the CIG in any way or manner the above content, the submitter does so at their own risk and responsibility, wherein all Submissions to CIG will be subject to the following rules defining the CIG Policy regarding unsolicited content (Submissions).

Submission Rules

By providing CIG with any content (making a Submission), you agree to the following:

  1. Submissions, including their entire content, upon their delivery to CIG, become the property of CIG to the extent permitted by law, without any form of compensation and/or remuneration to their authors/contributors;
  2. CIG has the right to redistribute and/or use such Submissions, including their contents, in any way and for any purpose;
  3. CIG is not obliged to consider Submission or reply to the Sender’s letter, email etc.;
  4. CIG is not required to maintain confidentiality in respect of the Submissions.