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20/2016 “Making a decision on the intention to issue bonds by Cl Games S.A.”

By 28 November 2016July 27th, 2021No Comments

CR no. 20/2016

28 November 2016

“Making a decision on the intention to issue bonds by Cl Games S.A.”

The Management Board of CI Games S.A. with its registered seat in Warsaw (“Company”) hereby informs on making a decision on November 28, 2016, on the intention to issue by the Company debenture bearer bonds of the total nominal value not exceeding PLN 15,000,000.00 (fifteen million zlotys). The Management Board plans to issue these bonds by the end of 2016, subject that the date, the final value of the issue and the remaining parameters of the bonds shall be subject to the situation on the bonds market.

This information was classified by the Management Board as a confidential information due to the significant value of the potential debt financing on the Company level and the influence of the information on the assessment of the financing policy of the Company.

Legal basis: art. 17 (1) as read with art. 7 (1) of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) no. 596/2014 of April 16, 2014 concerning market abuse regulation (MAR).

Marek Tymiński – President of the Issuer’s Management Board