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27/2015 Appointment of new Members of Supervisory Board of CI Games S.A.

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2015-09-07 – Current report – 27/2015


Appointment of new Members of Supervisory Board of CI Games S.A.


Current report no.: 27/2015

Date: 2015-09-07

Issuer’s trading namee of a subsidiary: CI GAMES S.A.

Subject:Appointment of new Members of Supervisory Board of CI Games S.A.

Legal basis: Art. 56 para 1 point 2 of the Act on Public Offering – current and periodic information


Report content:

The Management Board of CI Games S.A., with its registered office in Warsaw (“Company”) would like to inform that today, that is on September 7, 2015, the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders appointed three new Supervisory Board members, that is: Ms Dasza Gadomska who shall be a Supervisory Board Chairwoman and Mr. Norbert Biedrzycki and Mr. Mariusz Sawoniewski who shall be Supervisory Board Members. Dasza Gadomska is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration and the European Center of the University of Warsaw, as well as of the post-graduate course in fiscal law and copyright, publishing and press law. She has over thirteen-year experience in comprehensive legal service of commercial companies (TVP S.A., CI Games S.A.). She specializes e.g. in intellectual property rights, new technology law, advertising law and capital market law. She has been connected with the video gaming sector since 2010. For almost 5 years, she was an In-House Lawyer, and then Chief Legal & Administrative Officer in CI Games S.A. Moreover, she took the position of a Country Manager in foreign companies belonging to CI Games capital group. At present, within her individual business activity, she offers legal counselling to individual and corporate clients. Norbert Biedrzycki is a graduate of the School of Management in Warsaw. He also holds a diploma of MBA Thames Valley. In 1994-2002 he worked for Oracle Polska Sp. z o.o. where he was accountable e.g. for creating business applications department and introducing the application products to the market. He also led the implementation department. In 2002-2010 he worked for McKinsey and Company Polska Sp. z o.o. As a Junior Partner in Business Technology Office he served customers from the telecommunications and hi-tech sector on the European market. In 2010-2012 he was Management Board President in Sygnity S.A. In 2012-2014 he was Management Board President in ABC Data S.A. In 2012-2015 he was Management Board Deputy President in MCI Management S.A. In 2013-2015 he was Supervisory Board Chairman in Morele S.A. Since 2015, he has been offering counselling services. He is a member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO). Mariusz Sawoniewski is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Warsaw. He completed also a post-graduate manager’s course at the Warsaw School of Economics. He holds a licence (state exam) for Supervisory Board Members candidates in companies with Treasury shareholding. In 2006-2013 he was employed in Unibep S.A. as a Financial Director, then as a Management Board Member and Deputy President of Unibep S.A. he was accountable for the finance, investor relations and developer’s segment of Unibep Group. Simultaneously, in 2009-2010 and 2012-2013 he was the Management Board President of Unidevelopment S.A. developer company. Besides functions in capital companies’ management boards, he was also a member of Supervisory Boards of companies in the developer, wooden (as Treasury representative), food and construction sector. Before employment in Unibep Group, he worked in the financial sector (surety fund and capital fund). At present, he is the main shareholder and Management Board President of Vectis Konsulting Sp. z o.o. (consulting company in the field of capital strategies, restructuring, venture capital investments and broadly-taken financing) and the Management Board Deputy President and shareholder of the developer company called Kompania Domowa Sp. z o.o. The new Supervisory Board Members mentioned above are not involved in the competitive activity against the Company, are not associates in competitive private partnerships or commercial partnerships and are not members of any company’s body or members of any competitive legal entities’ body. There is no entry for them in the Register of Insolvent Debtors kept pursuant to Act of 20 August 1997 on the National Court Register. Legal basis: Art. 5 (1) (22) (b) and art. 28 of the regulation of Minster of Finance of 19 February 2009 on current and periodic information to be submitted by issuers of securities and on conditions for recognizing as equivalent information required by the laws of a non-Member State.


Date Full name Position Signature
2015-09-07 Marek Tymiński President of the Issuer’s Management Board Marek Tymiński