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2/2015 New ESPI system operator

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2015-01-21 – Current report – 2/2015


New ESPI system operator


Current report no.: 2/2015


Issuer’s trading name: CI GAMES S.A.

Subject:New ESPI system operator

Legal basis:Other regulations


Report content:

The Management Board of CI Games S.A., based in Warsaw, announces that Adam Pieniacki has been appointed as new operator for the ESPI electronic system for submitting information. Dasza Gadomska and Jerzy Litwiniuk continue as ESPI operators, as well. Legal basis: § 3 sec. 2 of the Ordinance of the Minister of Finance dated February 13, 2006 regarding the technical measures and conditions applicable to transmission of information by entities supervised by the Polish Securities and Exchange Commission and § 16 point 5 of the Regulations for Use of the Electronic System for Submitting Information (ESPI).


Date Full name Position Signature
2015-01-21 Adam Pieniacki CEO Adam Pieniacki