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22/2014 Liquidation of the Issuer’s subsidiary in Canada

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2014-09-02 – Current report – 22/2014


Liquidation of the Issuer’s subsidiary in Canada


Current report no.: 22/2014


Issuer’s trading name: CI GAMES S.A.

Subject:Liquidation of the Issuer’s subsidiary in Canada

Legal basis:Art. 56 sec. 1 point 1 of the Act on Public Offerings – confidential information


Report content:

The Issuer’s Management Board announces that on September 2, 2014 it received a decision from Canada’s Ministry of Finance regarding consent for liquidation of one of the Issuer’s subsidiaries: City Interactive Canada Inc., based in Ontario, Canada. The company had not been engaged in operating activities for some time due to the fact that distribution in both Americas is now coordinated by the Issuer’s U.S.-based subsidiary and the Parent – CI Games S.A. Given a lack of economic and operational justification for maintaining an office in Canada, the Management Board of CI Games S.A. decided to close down the company.


Date Full name Position Signature
2014-09-02 Adam Pieniacki CEO Adam Pieniacki