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2009-03-13 – CURRENT REPORT 11/2009

By 13 March 2009July 27th, 2021No Comments

Conclusion of a significant agreement The Management Board of CITY INTERATIVE S.A. makes public the signing on 12 March 2009 of an agreement with CDV Deutschland GmbH with its seat in Frankfurt am Main, Germany (CDV).

The subject of the agreement is the establishment of CDV as the exclusive distributor of products of CITY INTERACTIVE S.A. within Germany in Media Markt and Saturn retail networks.

As at the day of making this report public, it is not possible to determine precisely the amount of the agreement. However, the Management Board of CITY INTERACTIVE S.A. estimates that the revenue from the sale of video games resulting from the agreement over the period of one year will exceed 10% of the Companies’ own capital. Therefore, the agreement is deemed significant.