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2009-01-12 – CURRENT REPORT NR 1/2009

By 1 January 2009July 27th, 2021No Comments

The Management Board of CITY INTERACTIVE S.A. hereby informs that on 12 January 2009, CITY INTERACTIVE USA Inc., a subsidiary of CITY INTERACTIVE S.A., has signed two Licence Agreements with NINTENDO OF AMERICA Inc., with its seat in Redmond, USA. Pursuant to the above agreements NINTENDO has granted CITY INTERACTICE USA Inc. a licence for the production and publishing of video games for ‘NINTENDO DS’ portable game console and for ‘NINTENDO Wii’ console.


The above rights refer to North America and South America. The agreements were concluded for the period of 3 years with a possibility to prolong them automatically for subsequent periods.


The provisions of the agreements do not deviate from the terms and conditions commonly used for this type of agreement. They have a framework character and do not specify any financial conditions. As at the day of making this current report public it is not possible to determine the amount of the agreement.


However, the Management Board of CITY INTERACTIVE S.A. estimates that the revenue from sale of video games pursuant to the agreement may reach 10% of the Company’s own capital.


The basis for acknowledgement of the agreement as significant is the amount of own capital of CITY INTERACTIVE S.A.