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Official accolades trailer celebrates Lords of the Fallen’s launch success

By 27 October 2023No Comments

The latest trailer for Lords of the Fallen has today been released. Soundtracked to Danzig’s iconic ‘Mother’, the accolades trailer is a one-shot action sequence that follows the dark crusader has they valiantly face foes across the realms and the dead. The new video comes after sales of Lords of the Fallen reached one million units in just 10 days.

Set across the dark-fantasy land of Mournstead, Lords of the Fallen features a unique dual-realm mechanic that allows players to seamlessly transition between the brutal and unforgiving world of the living and the nightmarish world of the dead, as they battle powerful monsters and demons in a holy crusade to overcome a once-vanquished god.

Lords of the Fallen is available to buy now on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.