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2009-02-27 – CURRENT REPORT 8/2009

By 27 February 2009July 27th, 2021No Comments

The Management Board of CITY INTERACTIVE S.A.

hereby makes public the information that on 27 February 2009 three agreements were signed with DTP Entertainment AG with its seat in Hamburg, Germany. The subject of the agreements is granting rights to distribute 4 PC games in Germany (one product) and in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (three products) in the form of ready merchandise over 12 months from their delivery.

The minimum value of the agreements amounts to EUR 163,320, which as of the date of their conclusion is equivalent to PLN 768,714.58 and is the distributor’s initial stock-up value. DTP has a right to return 100% of the goods if no sales are made in retail networks. The total value of agreements concluded between the Company and DTP Entertainment AG since the date of publication of the Current Report No. 25/08 dated 28.08.2008 regarding the conclusion of the previous significant agreement with DTP, amounts to EUR 1,108,170.00, which as of today is equivalent to PLN 5,215,934.56. The computer game distribution agreement with the greatest value was concluded on 18 September 2008 for EUR 262,000, which as of that date was equivalent to PLN 874,110.60. It was concluded on above-named terms, identical to the terms of the agreements concluded today covering Germany, Austria and Switzerland.   The basis for acknowledgement of the agreement as significant is the total amount of the agreements recently concluded with DTP Entertainment AG, which exceeds 10% of own capital of CITY INTERACTIVE S.A.