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2009-02-20 – CURRENT REPORT 7/2009

By 20 February 2009July 27th, 2021No Comments

With reference to the current report No. 2/2009 dated 19 January 2009, the Management Board of CITY INTERACTIVE S.A. informs that today CITY INTERACTIVE UK LTD, a British company with its seat in Manchester, Great Britain, has been registered. CITY INTERACTIVE S.A. acquired 100% of its shares. CITY INTERACTIVE S.A. acquired 100% of its shares. Share capital of CITY INTERACTIVE UK LTD is composed of 100 ordinary shares with a nominal value of GBP 1.00 each, i.e. with the total nominal value of GBP 100, which, as at the date of registration, amounts to PLN 530.53. The position of the Managing Director of CITY INTERACTIVE LTD is held by Mr. Roy Cambell who at the same time holds the position of Vice-President Sales and Marketing Worldwide. The assets have been financed from the Company’s own funds. The acquired shares constitute a long-term capital investment of CITY INTERACTIVE S.A. Those assets are assets of significant value within the meaning of Art. 2(5) of the Ordinance of the Minister of Finance dated 19 October 2005, as they constitute over 20% of the share capital of the entity.