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11/2017 “Registration of change to the Articles of Association CI Games S.A.”

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Current report no. 11/2017

February 10th, 2017

Registration of change to the Articles of Association CI Games S.A.

The Management Board of CI Games S.A. with its registered seat in Warsaw (“Company”) hereby informs, that on February 10, 2017, it received notification on the registration made by the District Court for Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, 13th Commercial Division of the National Court Register of the change to the Articles of Association of the Company adopted by way of resolution no. 4/2017 of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company dated 31 January, 2017, about which the Company informed by way of current reports no. 6/2017 and no. 7/2017 dated January 31, 2017.

The said change to the Articles of Association concerned changes to the contents of para. 10 item 1 and para. 10b item 1 of the Articles of Association as well as spelling errors found in the document.

The consolidated text of the Articles of Association, taking into account the changes made constitutes an attachment to this current report.

Legal basis: § 38(1)(2) of the regulation of Minister of Finance of 19 February 2009 on current and periodic information to be submitted by issuers of securities and on conditions for recognizing as equivalent information required by the laws of a non-Member State (Journal of Laws of 2014, item 133).

Marek Tymiński – President of the Issuer’s Management Board