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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Snipers! – Thank You For Playing

By 1 czerwca 201728 maja, 2021No Comments

Hello Snipers!

As a thank you for all of the players we’ve prepared this unique infographics that contains information about the game and its unique contents, that as we hope will surprise some of you with its values.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is our first, such big production filled with open world activities and different gameplay approaches, that can be used in 39 missions on 3 different maps. There are also 194 points of interest to be found during the open world exploration, while hunting animals or encountering game events, which let you unlock all of the 48 game achievements.

Our complex gameplay mechanics such as weapon modifications with 53 available weapon skins and over 200 attachments, crafting system and huge arsenal, couldn’t achieve its full potential without the unique sniping mechanics system we created that every sniper fan falls in love with.

Have you found all of the collectibles in the game yet? Or maybe you want to share with us your thoughts about the best use of side-arms or special bullet types in the game? Share your story with us and tell what type of gameplay you loved the most.

Thanks for playing!


Team CI Games